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Zeguers Electronics is still innovative!

27/4/2018 - Maastricht

For more than a century, since 1902 to be precise, Zeguers Electronics is a concept in Maastricht and surroundings. Started in the Maastrichter Brugstraat with bicycles, automobiles, and later electricity plants for the rich. Because in the 1920s there was no electricity grid as we know it today. With an acetylene generator, the light came into the darkness. During the Carnival, large loudspeakers were placed on the façade in the 1950s, which blew the joyful songs through the streets during the three crazy days, and so the street carnival was born. The third generation Zeguers, Irving (72) started a shop in the suburb of Malpertuis and during the 80 years of existence in 1982 the first CD player from Sony from Schiphol Airport was driven to Maastricht by taxi. Thus Zeguers had an absolute national scoop. The fourth generation, Marc (49), has run a successful business for almost 10 years at the Brusselse Poort Shopping Center, but the internet generation increasingly went for the lowest price and no longer for personal service. And that's why Zeguers went online completely in 2004 and is still serving a regular clientele with the well-known Zeguers service. Younger generations will not know the family business Zeguers (yet), but the target group is now looking for a new innovative product.


Always innovative and in front with the latest trends, Marc has it in his DNA. Outside the online store in consumer electronics, he was always looking for something new in which he also wanted to do something for the environment and sustainability.

He has been an ambassador for electric vehicles for several years. Because the Zeguers are also known for their hobby and passion in cars. So he ended up at the English MyEnergi, a start-up company that focuses on sustainability and innovation. They develop and produce their own electric charging station to charge EVs (Electric Vehicles). And that in itself is not unique, there are now many brands and models for sale.


Distinctive and unique, however, the 'zappi' charger can be called. It is the first charging station on the market that can fully charge EVs with exclusively sustainably produced energy. Many people who buy an electric car are aware of the fact that these cars only really contribute to the environment if they are also loaded with green electricity. They will also proceed to a higher degree to purchase solar panels and combine this with their electric cars. Zappi can take into account the production of own energy from solar panels or wind turbines, and thus load the car at the exact same strength, meaning that no more need to be imported from the power grid.

Moreover, there are many charging stations that also do not take into account other consumers in the home. When it is being loaded, residents have to think about switching on the kettle or the hob. Then the main fuse could just jump. And even in this the zappi loader distinguishes itself. Dynamic Loadbalancing is called that, this means that the charger will charge the car at a lower level as soon as the rest of the house requires a lot of power. And again it will load strongly if the total consumption allows it. A smart and innovative charger so that in terms of price can also compete with the competitors who do not have these options.

Online and distributor

Zeguers has set up an online platform with a website, twitter, facebook page and Youtube channel as Zappi Benelux. He sells the zappi charger to private individuals but is also a distributor for other sales channels or installers. The Belgian and Dutch EV owners can therefore go to Zappi Benelux for a unique charging station with the well-known Zeguers service.

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